About Us

About Us:

Started in 2011, with a half a dozen years of journey, Allindiaroundup has bagged the attention and appreciation of millions of news lovers. Depth and Vastness being the wings of our odyssey, we made our impression in the field of Digital News and Entertainment.

We provide you a window to look-up on the outside world delivering the utterly raw and crude faces of the current affairs. We even flip the format and bring a smile on your face with the humorous and entertaining content we build on our website.  We also bring tears to your eyes with heart touching stories of our fellow Indians.

Some readers like weighty non-fictional subjects, while, others possess profound interest on viral and playful subjects, here on our site, we will fulfill either kind, we don’t know oblivion.

AIR At Glance:

All India Roundup under an acronym AIR is all its name depicts. Be it about the just-in news about Education, Business, Entertainment or Viral content, we are-surfacing every bit of subject you’re curious about. We present you the news that could clear your confusion and the content that fulfills your thirst for knowledge and fun at the same time.

In the detailed classification as per site page, you can acknowledge the row-wise presentation of distinct subjects such as National News, Sports, Business and Entertainment, anything you feel missing will be here in front of you on our homepage, anything you haven’t known at all will be at your sight all at once.

Our Motto:

With the cooperation of our amazing audience and the team, we made it up to what we are now. Now we aim to reach to broader sections of our population. We are now pretty much familiar with the young readers. Our ultimate vision to deliver the higher quantity of the qualitative and productive content to all categories of people with respect to their preferable genre.

On the top of everything, we thrive to present you the exclusive and breaking news which one way or other way impacts our day-to-day life.

Categories We’re Into:

We focus on publishing the much-needed content to all kinds of people, we have been acing the category of ‘Education’ from our very inception. Sports, Politics, and Entertainment being the other primary areas we dig into, our opinion-based and Editorial articles are the stand-outs.

Viral content, Humor, and Twitter reactions are the perks we build to fulfill the thirst of the audience for fun time. Our humor content is highly limited to entertaining the audience. We strictly restrict our content’s borders from insulting or opining anything about the non-fictional persons, companies or institutions.

Health and Science are the vital feathers of AIR. In Health, we assist you in maintaining the proper physical and mental appetite concerning the day-to-day life in both macro and micro-environmental aspects leveling from personal life to the society.

Editorial Staff:


charan palak allindiaroundupCharan Palak – Content Architect

Charan Palak likes to analyze diverse POVs. Opinion based articles are his utmost cup of coffee. Social Issues and Subject-oriented articles being he is prolific at, he is an unintentional Engineer, calls himself a passionate Word-Artist who holds a Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and Media. Extensive Dreaming and Being Lost in Thoughts are the side-effects of being Charan.


Vamshi Krishna – Content Architect

With Two and Half years of experience in media, Vamshi Krishna mastered the art of writing in exclusive genres like Sports and Entertainment. Leadership qualities and being attentive to just-in news are the perks he possess. Since the inception, he has been building some qualitative and quantitative content for vital sites like AllTechBuzz.net and Allindiaroundup.com. He is an avid follower of Cricket and other sports. Apart from writing, he loves traveling.


swarnaSwarna Buram – Senior Content Architect

Swarna strives to excel our site in prominent fields like Education and Entertainment, those are the corners in which she shines. Out of diverse niches embedded in Allindiaroundup.com, Education plays a vital role, standing as one of the pioneer portals, addressing the viewers about the results, employment opportunities and other subjects Swarna lands some user engaging content. Table tennis and reading are the other wings she likes to deal with.


lasyaLasya K – Social Media Operations

Lasya K takes care of Allindiaroundup social media presence with her innovative and creative posts which engage users. She is a pro blogger who blogs at Alltop9.com.




rishi bharadwajRishi Bharadwaj – Social Media Manager

Rishi Bharadwaj in the social media manager and lead of every social networking platform related to  All India Roundup. His main motto is to increase the social reach of the website and make people connect to us.




anurag2Anurag Balagam – Chief Publisher

Anurag Balagam is the chief publisher at All India Roundup. He mainly focuses on the quality of the articles being written and published on the site.

imranImran Uddin – Publisher Co-Founder

Imran is a Pro Blogger and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Digital Marketing Company All Tech Media and a popular how to blog tips blog All Tech Buzz.

You can contact us at admin@alltechmedia.org or blogger.cbit@gmail.com

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    Though i visited alltechbuzz earlier, i never noticed this wonderful round up page!

    This is indeed an informative page to find out the latest developments in all field.
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    Hi All,

    Though i visited alltechbuzz earlier, i never noticed this wonderful round up page!

    This is indeed an informative page to find out the latest developments in all field.
    Nice to meet all the team members too,
    Wish you all a wonderful journey thru this path…
    Keep sharing!
    Continue to shout out the latest in news!
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

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