AIB-Kangana Ranaut: One Against Tens! How Bollywood Is Playing A Foul Game Since Ages

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Bygones are bygones, let us forget the idea of revolution. Let us simply stay tight and watch our grandsons cheering for Hrithik Roshan’s great grandson’s amazing moves on the new item song featuring the Malaika Arora’s grand daughter. Ain’t that simple?

bollywood item songs tradition

Why do we need this mess? what’s wrong with nepotism when we aren’t able to digest the out-of-box concepts? The series of controversies woven because of Kangana in past weeks is eye-opening for the people and butt-kicking for the other side people. Can we simply stay tight and watch another revolutionary actress oppressed by the Bollywood biggies right into the cellar? No, we won’t this time.

After the decades of conventional film-making, ages of female objectification and hierarchical male domination in the vital shots, there is this woman who pierced the darkest sides of the showbiz, disclosed the ugly conundrum on which we are feasting our eyes since ages.

kangana ranaut

Now, how about talking of talent, of the senior cast being well with the budding artists? how about being logical and working in harmony at the same time? Ain’t that alluring! yes! in this era of 1-2-3 kinds of stories, all we need is an evolution which comes from revolution and Kangana, of course, the key to everything, her bold gait and her being-transparent-like kind of actors.

We’re habituated to that kind of world where a woman is notioned to be an epitome of sexual blasphemy. And when it is about threading the remuneration, cream for the actor and the bread for actresses. Oh, you’re a woman, and you’ll be paid so. The steroid born or well-sculpted biceps for the actor, a partially or uncovered cleavage for actresses, this has become the growing by-default requirements for any budding stars. Skills? Versatility? acting? ps-shhh! you’re at the wrong counter! move your hips buddy.

bollywood actors six packs

From the essence of profanity to the necessity of objectification in the Bollywood, this video from AIB patted the scalps of the actors with rich daddies. No, we need a revolution. We need Kangana, and we need more of India’s audacious and window-free podcast All India Bakchod (AIB).

kangana with AIB video

We all need the change, there’s an urgent need to realize that woman actors are as able as males, there shouldn’t be the difference in zeroes regarding the remuneration. These mid-riff flapping and cleavage scenes are all that are influencing the way people make up their minds. The woman can ace in terms of following, being influential and inspiring, if the scripts are threaded well if their identity is not corrupted and manipulated to some dancing dolls and entertaining catalysts.

On an important note, we can conclude that Kangana is the path-breaking artist we need, but, not the one we deserve.

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