ShopClues Founder Sandeep Aggarwal Makes Sensational Comments On His Wife, Accuses Her For Expelling Him From His Own Company

Saicharan Palakurthi

It is more often said that ‘Behind every man’s success, there’s a woman‘, now who on earth can imagine that something exactly opposite to that can happen to someone.

But, here’s how it happened and to whom will shock you for sure. The major victim in the issue is none other than the founder of the major e-commerce firm ‘ShopClues’, Sandeep Aggarwal. ShopClues was launched in 2011 by Sandeep Aggarwal along with Radhika Aggarwal (Sandeep’s wife) and Sandeep Sethi.


After ShopClues was well established and laid its fist on the ongoing market, Sandeep slowly moved out of the company to start another one named ‘Droom’ in 2014, however, he remained as the consultant for the ShopClues.

Meanwhile, the latter sources after he left the ShopClues claim that Sandeep is actually ousted from his own company. These assumptions are concreted after he himself posted few things about his personal issues in which he accused his wife.

Read His Facebook Posts Here:

In one of his posts, Sandeep firmly slammed his wife Radhika’s LinkedIn profile details as she mentioned that she had a degree from Stanford. He blamed her for all the ill situations he has faced with his family, business and children. Sandeep even claimed that she has an illicit affair.

Contrary to these allegations, the present Chief Business Officer and founder of ShopClues Radhika Aggarwal released a statement in which she said:

“I am shocked by unfounded and baseless allegations being made. In the interest of privacy of my family, I will not be commenting on any personal matters, however, ShopClues was always a team effort and it has become a force to reckon with. I want to focus my time and energy to do what I owe to my employees, my investors, my country and myself.”