Bigg Boss Season 1 Host Arshad Warsi Passes Controversial Comments On Salman Khan And Bigg Boss 11 Reality Show

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Big Boss 11 is India’s most controversial and favorite TV show. People are very curious about the new contestants. The show is famous because of the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan and the entertainment provided by the contestants. With Salman as the habitual host and out-of-box tasks introduced this time, the show has been in the news for all wrong reasons since its start.

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The Reality show has been in the news since the first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ with host Salman Khan was quite explosive. The eviction of one of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants Zubair Khan. Well, it is not limited to the show but has extended onto a personal level, where ex Bigg boss contestant Zubair has filed a complaint against host Salman.

It has been years that it is hard to differentiate Salman Khan from Bigg Boss. The actor seems to be an integral part of the show, and pointing fingers on the mechanism of the show are like demeaning Salman Khan himself. After all the controversies, one thing we must remember that it was not Salman who created the base of the reality show.

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In fact, there were actors like Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan, and Arshad Warsi who gave the show a shot. Arshad was the one who laid the foundation of the show which is successfully running its 11th season. He was the first celebrity to host the adaption of Big Brother after Shilpa Shetty.

Recently when ‘Golmaal Again’ cast visited the sets of Bigg Boss to promote the film, Arshad Warsi’s absence became the focus of everyone’s worry. It was speculated that one of his jokes during a promotional event on Salman was a possible reason for his absence. Moreover, it seems like there is an add-on to it.

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Arshad had taken a sly dig at Salman during a promotional event of his film The Legend Of Michael Mishra last year. At the event, when Arshad was asked if his character of a Bihari villager in the Manish Jha-directed film owned a buffalo, he had jokingly said, “No, that’s for Salman Khan. Since Baby ko bhains pasand hai,” mocking Khan’s popular track, Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai.

Arshad has opened up about what he thinks of the show. “The (Bigg Boss) show is down market. People on the show, I hear, are tacky. I haven’t seen this season, but I’ve heard about it. The channel is attempting to boost the ratings by showcasing the things that sell. And thus, morality is taking a backseat,” Warsi, who hosted the first season in 2006, was quoted

Arshad Warsi Salman Khan

He said“People enjoy watching crass, and the channel is merely serving it. The content showcased on Indian television is regressive. The day people change, their taste (in content), the narrative of the shows will also change. If the world wants to see sensible people in the house, the channel will oblige. The audience wants to see dramatic people, those who fight, hit and abuse.”

He believes that show was very much different when he used to host it. He said,

“The concept back then was to understand the psyche of people and notice the developments that occur when they are made to reside in a house, isolated from the world. No one wanted to cause any trouble. There was no nudity or violence demanded in the clause. When you meet new individuals, you can be cordial for a week. Then, you discover their traits. When good behavior wears out, the dynamics change. It takes time for people to reach that stage. But, now the channel wants immediate TRP success, so they are consciously sending nutcases into the house.”

We have to wait and see how would Salman Khan and the reality show management reacts to Arshad Warsi’s statements.

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