Who Is Bhallaladeva’s Wife In ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Movie? Here’s What The Director Rajamouli Revealed About It

Vamshi Krishna

After the question of the decade ‘Why Katappa Killed Bahubali?’ has got the answer after the film Bahubalu – The Conclusion released on April 28, 2017. It’s known to the whole world now. However, as expected, the film has been breaking and creating many records in front of Box Office.

Bahubali franchise has become one of the benchmarks for other great filmmakers in India. Bahubali has taken the Indian Film to the International standards and proved that Indian film is no less than any other Hollywood movie.

Who was the King of Mahishmathi kingdom when Baahubali died is also clear, and what happened to Bhallaladeva is evident during the climax of the movie? So, does that mean that all the tangled questions and elements of doubts are cleared for the audience?


Though the question of the decade has got the answer, still there is a question in everyone’s mind that’s unanswered and i.e. Who is the King Of Mahishmathi – Bhallaladeva’s Wife?

Yes, this question raised in everyone’s mind, doesn’t it? Bhalla’s wife is not to be seen in the first part, Baahubali – The Beginning, and the audience were in some expectations with the built up curiosity hoping that the mystery of it would be revealed in the second part.

However, even in the second part, Bahubali doesn’t show a glimpse of Bhalla’s wife, though the first part of the franchise introduces Bhadra, as Bhalla’s son. Thus, the social media folks took their doubts on their favorite platforms like Facebook and Twitter where they were seen questioning the team of Bahubali especially the Director SS Rajamouli in the form of memes.

SS Rajamouli’s Clarification:

Hence, the filmmakers recently came up with a justification in order to clear the air and give the reasonable answer for the question.

“As surprising and hugely weird it might sound – the evil king Bhallaladeva has probably married no one. Bhallaladeva, who would be turned down by Devasena as the latter chooses Amarendra Baahubali as her life partner over the former, would choose to remain unmarried as Bhalla’s initial love towards Devasena refuses to die down. Hence he remains a bachelor for life,” SS Rajamouli stated.

So, the subsequent obvious question is – How did Bhadra born?


“Bhalla’s son, Bhadra, would not be Bhalla’s biological son but instead an adopted son,” the director explained.

According to Rana (Bhallaladeva) and director Rajamouli, Bhallaladeva’s wife played no active role in any event that took place in Mahismati. Hence, the director did not feel the need for her presence just for the sake of presence. We can see this director do so because he has barely added an unused character in his story.

Well, fans of Bahubali were expecting a sequel to the second part with their own set of stories helmed around Bhalla’s wife and supposed son’s characters but Rajamouli’s clarification did disappoint them very highly.

However, the 44-year-old director also stated the fact that the journey with Baahubali would still continue with some innovative works such as “The Rise Of Sivagami” a book series along with the Animated edition of Baahubali movie and a virtual reality version of the movie as well.