5 Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Candid ‘Bajirao Mastani’ Things You Can Find In ‘Padmavati’ Trailer

Saicharan Palakurthi

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming directorial ‘Padmavati’ is so far the most awaited project to hit the screens this year. After releasing back-to-back posters starting off with Deepika Padukone’s look, the movie has now completely won the hearts of movie buffs. The trailer is finally out and is as promising as expected.

padmavati trailer video

The galore, grandeur in the posters and the bloody-bold details of the visuals is very much promising. Be it the war scenes or the romance, Bhansali’s previous flicks ‘Ram Leela’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are legit proofs of him mastering the both gracefully. As it is already understood by many, it is the essence of details in the posters of Padmavati that prove everything Bhansali can do.

Meanwhile, the way trailer is pictured has got some Bajirao Mastani vibes, if we take a closer look we can find that out. Starting from the astounding background music to the galore and valor in the protagonist, we picked up the five crucial directorial similarities of Bhansali that were repeated or otherwise can be called as his signature marks.

1. The concept of love in between cross-religious people: 

bajirao mastani and padmavati similar things

Starting with “Ram Leela” in 2012, Bhansali has been emoting the concept of inter-religion/caste love. The same has happened in his next flick “Bajirao Mastani” and as it is clear that the streak went on with the upcoming “Padmavati” in which the lead actors are cross-religious, though love doesn’t have enough space in every case.

2. The Love Triangle:

Love was and will never be an easy task in Bhansali’s films. Starting off with Baajirao Mastani in which there’s a love triangle and Priyanka Chopra is the victim, in Padmavati, Ranveer will be the victim, according to the history.

bajirao mastani and padmavati similarities 4

It is “Baajirao+ Mastani- Kashi” in Bajirao Mastani, and “Ratan Sen+Padmavati- Alauddin Khilji” in Padmavati.

Oops! love is the enemy ain’t it!!!

3. Wife gearing Up Husband or Otherwise:

similarities between bhansali bajirao mastani and padmavati movies

Once in the Bajirao, we have seen his wife Kashi aka Priyanka Chopra taking off the gloves of him post the war, now, in Padmavati’s trailer, we can see Padmavati stitching Ratan Sen aka Shahid’s turban all the way.

4. Focusing on a certain Kingly-group:

similarities between bhansali bajirao mastani and padmavati 1

In the Bajirao Mastani, we have seen Bhansali focusing on one of the most powerful sub-religious group “Peshwa” more clearly Marathas, the same he is about to show us on December 1st in his Padmavati where “Rajputs” are king-zoned.

5. Bhansali’s obsession with White Robes and Grand Landscapes:

Beard-rugged looks of the lead actor, equally dominating female actor and nothing more splendid than grand landscapes with the actors in white robes, these are the Bhansali-factors. Well, the white thing can’t be undone because it was very much common and most-preferred in earlier centuries.

similarities between bhansali bajirao mastani and padmavati 5

Portraying the strengthy female actors is definitely a thumbs-up for Bhansali.

All aside, these five things are simply the signature marks of Bhansali and cannot be criticized, thanks to Bhansali and crew for the larger-than-life-size visuals of the Padmavati. Let us all simply await the release of this year’s another Magnum opus on December 1st.

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