Prabhas Next Movie ‘Saaho’ Action Sequences Cost Is Sky-Rocketing, Check Out The Shocking Number!

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Actor Prabhas is now gearing up for his upcoming action-thriller ‘Saaho’. Directed by Tollywood director ‘Sujeet Singh’, people throughout the country are eagerly waiting for the movie. Prabhas already surprised his fans with the ultimate change over after leaving Baahubali sets.

Back then we have seen that the crew is now in Mumbai for shooting some vital action sequences. In addition to that, a lot of technicians and action choreographers from the west have been brought on board Saaho to bring the best possible results. It is believed that the action scene involving Prabhas in the deep-sea will play a significant role in the movie. Back then, soon after the completion of Baahubali, the actor has left the sets to prepare for the deep-sea diving scenes.

prabhas in saaho scuba diving

Earlier, the sources quoted detailing the actor’s dedication, “Prabhas is a dedicated actor and loves to do his scenes with all the possible perfection. He is supposed to shoot an underwater scene in Saaho and therefore he learned deep sea diving for the same.”

There were lot many speculations earlier about how actor Prabhas spent his off duty in the United States, it is now assumed that he had undergone some crucial training for the Saaho.

actor prabhas in saaho deep sea diving

The sources also claimed that the action scenes alone would cost Rs 25 crores. The hunk of an actor will also be seen performing underwater stunts this time.

The teaser has garnered immediate attention from the people throughout the country and there is nothing less about Prabhas’ change over. Sources concrete that the action scenes are high-end and octane like they were never seen before in Indian cinema. With a plethora of technicians from the West, it is almost as promising as the hype that has been built around the movie.

The famous stunt choreographer, ‘Transformers’ fame, Kenny bates, has been hired to choreograph the sequences and stunts.

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