Finally Salman Khan Opens Up To Online Trolls Which Are Going Viral And Every Troller Must Read What He Said

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Whether you cherish him or hate him, however, you can’t overlook him. Now, this saying is completely valid for the “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” star Salman Khan who is frequently in the spotlight for good and also bad reasons.

Recently, he was trolled on social media for a viral video in which he was seen tearing a thread from his ripped jeans, chewing it and later spitting it. And it’s common that social media sites took a note of it and different memes trolling the actor began doing rounds.

Salman Eating jeans

Truly speaking, trolling and appreciation are something every celebrity or even common man has to undergo. It’s suitably stated, “Kuch To Log Kahenge, Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna..” and celebrities are so ongoing of it that they have quit caring at all to what people say.

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And finally, Salman Khan opened up on the matter of Internet trolls.

Here’s what Salman has to say,

“If they think they do, then they will be very sadly mistaken, I don’t check my Twitter or Instagram, anymore. Earlier, it started as a mere joke I believe and people are now taking it to another level. I am shocked that people can stoop to this level. There was a time when these people used to think that Twitter is an iron curtain behind which these trollers could do anything, I tracked 15 people in 2 days. I will put out the details one day but I refrained because then their parents would be affected and I did not want that to happen.”

sallu bhai

All things considered, that’s definitely a sweet gesture from the actor!

Social media users should make sure that they think about the outcome before mocking anything and everything, as it may deeply hurt someone, be it a celebrity or a common person like me and you!

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