KRK Tried To Mess With Phogat Sisters-Geeta And Babita And Here’s How They Destroyed Him On Twitter

Saicharan Palakurthi

The trademark of criticism and nonsense Kamaal R Khan has now come up with his latest tweets on someone with whom he shouldn’t have actually mess with. Though most of the time, many celebrities don’t even bother to react KRK’s tweets and talks, Phogat sisters Geeta and Babita are not one of them.

Earlier KRK depicted the wrestler sisters as they’re simply leading their lives on the incentives and benefits from the country’s government. Geeta and Babita are not among those who stay calm or make peace. They quick-handily took on to their Twitter account and bashed KRK blue and black.

Many celebrities took on to their social media handles to state their opinions supporting or opposing their opinions, and Geeta and Babita were among those who opposed Gurmeher’s opinions quoting her as anti-nationalists.

Read KRK’s tweets Here:

And The Phogat Sisters Response: