Kangana Ranaut Turned Down The Opportunity To Work With Salman Khan For This Unusual Reason

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

The recent Aap Ki Adalat episode of Rajat Sharma interviewing Kangana Ranaut was a lit. For all the many reasons, she dragged some Bollywood biggies’ personal lives to dirt. Slapped the fame and ego of Hrithik Roshan. She didn’t leave any stone unturned about the dark sides of the film industry.

Starting from harassment, stalking and molestation, she didn’t leave any soft corner for Aditya Pancholi to hide. Farah Khan has recently made some comments about Kangana, called her not to play women’s card all the time, though she didn’t mention her name clearly it was clear that her comments are on her.


On the other hand, after a while, the actress has made some surprising comments on her rejecting the commercial blockbuster of Salman Khan, ‘Sultan’. Earlier the news regarding the same has topped the news years back. Now, Kangana somehow has opened up about the reason behind turning down the actor’s movie.

After all this, we all expect some more than normal and equal to controversy kind of answer from Kangana, well, she didn’t fail us once again. She in the interview said that she rejected the movie because working with Salman Khan might affect her career in an eccentric way, she might be overshadowed by the actor, as he is popular for all reasons. 

kangana ranaut and salman khan

Kangana, talking about this, she said that she is in the present position in her career because she had rejected working in such kind of movies, she also feels that she doesn’t regret doing so. Now, after this, it somehow sounds like she really is greater than being bold and straightforward.

However, in short, it is quite clear that it was all one-woman show, earlier too, she avoided working with big stars. The result of her movie ‘Katti Batti’ alongside Imran Khan is all that proves it, the movie was a flop.

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