Karan Johar Trolls This Twitter User In An Epic Way For Messing Up With KJo’s Sexual Orientation

Saicharan Palakurthi

The Bollywood’s evergreen filmmaker Karan Johar has shown his witty shade when a netizen tried to mess with his sexual orientation.

Karan never clarified anything regarding the assumptions on his homosexuality for a long time. Maybe he never wished to hit the headlines for the sake of someones’ doubts.

Couple years back, mere assumptions on his homosexuality elevated at the podcast event ‘AIB Roast’ where he played the role of ‘Roast Master’.

In his autobiography ‘An Unsuitable Boy‘, which he released recently, he waived off the ambiguity the people had from a long time.

Karan opened up about his sexual orientation in a way like never before but the way he explained is quite complex, that finally made a way to face a lot of criticism from LGBTQ community.

Now, here the moment came, Karan deliberately trolled the so called twitter user, who appealed to him with an edgeless and insensitive deal.

The story started here after Karan just tweeted

This so-called ‘Indian Sherlock’ now interfered responding

And what happened next is just incredibly epic, Karan split his tweet by replying

It appears like the director is quite out of patience and those creepy folks must start minding their own business instead of messing with the wittiest Bollywood director.

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