KRK Mocks At Actor Mohanlal And Calls Him ‘Joker’ And ‘Mawali’, ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ Issues Cyber Attacks Warning

Saicharan Palakurthi

If there’s any line between criticism and foolishness, the Internet’s most hated personality Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) definitely tops the charts. This self-claimed critic residing in Dubai often trends on Social media for passing distasteful comments on the prominent celebrities on Twitter.

Despite being getting brutally trolled, KRK has always been the hateful part on social media. Now, KRK finally made his unconcerned and least bothered opinions on the Malayalam legendary Mohanlal, this Internet’s viral critic called Mohanlal, a joker, mawali and chota bheem.

KRK did this after acknowledging the official announcement of the country’s most prestigious Rs 1000 crore budget movie ‘Mahabharata’. It is unveiled that this massive movie will be directed by VA Shrikumar Menon.

He further commented that casting Mohanlal in such a prestigious movie can ruin the whole film and might end up roping in huge losses to the producer BR Shetty. Following this, KRK then posted a series of tweets in which he passed various unfair comments on Mohanlal. Though he was brutally trolled on social media by mallus, the critic never gave up, he even called the followers of Mohanlal as uneducated and suggested them to upgrade to Twitter, quoting the Facebook users as uneducated and backward.

Read KRK’s Tweets Here:

Post these derogatory tweets, KRK is immensely trolled on Twitter and the popular facebook hackers’ group ‘Mallu Cuber Police’ has released an official warning in which they said:

“We informed KRK that his email was compromised, even though we didn’t get any reply from him he removed his post within few minutes after the seen tick was marked. We also provided proof of our login. However, we decided to do a cyber attack on one of his main income source that is his AdSense account.”

Earlier, when a Pakistani hackers’ group hacked Mohanlal’s accounts and Kerala’s official websites, this Mallu group in return hacked the websites of Pakistani websites like National University of Modern Languages, Lahore campus (NUML) and Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and in 2015 they warned the Pakistani hackers to stay away from Indian cyberspace.