‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ Show Lead Actress Tejaswi Prakash Reacts To The Petition Signed By 50,000 People To Ban The Show

Saicharan Palakurthi

Just like Bollywood, TV Shows are much gladly viewed by millions in India. TV shows are the vital source of entertainment for every person who resides at home all the day depending on the work, from ourselves returning to home from college or work, up to our grand parents those who stay home, it is very sure that our lives have become so much part of TV shows.

With so much of presence in our lives, there is definitely an impact from them, it might be a flat plotline, demoral or moral values, everything influences us. So, it is always better to choose the best of available, be it series or movie, anything that is unethical must be swept off our environment.

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Now, after so much soothing journey of Indian TV serials, a TV Show titled “Pehredaar Pyar Ki” is about to hit the home screens, the story line, plots and posters are out and they once for all stunned the netizens and common people. With the very complicated visuals in the posters featuring a young woman married to an approximately 10-Year-Old boy, every poster is quite disturbing to many.

Well, with the scenes that are allegedly promoting child marriage and showcasing the romantic sequences between a 9-yr boy and 19-yr lady who got married in unfavorable circumstances is absolutely absurd. On the top of all of that, the Suhaagraat and honeymoon sequences led people in demanding the full ban.

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A social outrage has already started on social media, someone somehow started a petition against the show, and approximately 50,000 people signed it, it is addressed to Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Information and Broadcasting, Smriti Zubin Irani, it read: 

“Pehredaar Piya Ki – A 10-year-old impressionable little kid (“piyaa”) caressing and stalking a lady who’s more than double his age and filling sindoor in her “maang” is being telecasted at prime time -8:30 pm on Sony. (Family time) It is to be devoured by the entire Nation. Imagine the kind of influence it will steadily and perpetually infuse in the viewers’ mindset. We want a ban on the serial. We do not want our kids to be influenced by such TV serials. Join us in signing the petition to ban this serial (sic).”

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As the news went viral on the Internet and popular media, the lead actress Tejaswi Prakash has come out in a bid to clear the air, she was quoted saying, “I think it’s really progressive. But again, a lot of people believe in judging a book by its cover… They love being judgmental and people have nothing better to do than judging somebody else’s work. Then okay, what can I do?”

She straight on the face asserted the idea of “Game Of Thrones” and said, “It also happened in ‘Game Of Thrones’… People love ‘Game Of Thrones’ and if the same thing happens in ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’, then it’s an issue.”

“No, I’m an actor. I just get my script, go on the set and I perform. Honestly, I’m not on a lot of social sites to be aware of any such comments… I am only active on Instagram. Nobody calls and says anything to me. It’s probably the creatives… They should talk to the creatives about the criticism,” said Tejaswi when media people were curious in knowing if the negative reviews and talks had affected her personally.

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Regarding the outburst on the story line, she went saying, “It’s not what a normal ‘suhag raat’ and honeymoon is like. Obviously, I and Ratan are not married to have babies. It’s different. Once people watch it and then they find it yucky or anything, then I would be fine and understandable. There is nothing wrong that we have shown.”

“I think the audience will be able to connect and I think they are being able to connect only because of the strong character who is able to take decisions at the age of 18 and save his (Ratan’s) life for her own happiness… Also, we have shown the fact that she has taken the decision (of marrying him) and it even shows how much freedom she has got from her own family to be able to make a decision like that. There’s lot of strength we are showing for a girl of that age,” added Tejaswi.

However, it is the description the Youtube video carried, that replicated the whole summary:

“Pehredaar Piya Ki is the story of an unusual marriage between a 9-year-old boy, Ratan Harshvardhan Singh and an 18-year old girl, Diya. Diya sacrifices her own dreams and willfully gets married to Ratan to become his protector. While Diya takes up her duty of a wife and willfully commits to the relationship, Ratan is enamored by her beauty and considers her to be a pari from the fairy tales he has heard from his Maasa. Though being a miss matched couple, both create a comfortable world for themselves. While 9-year-old husband tries to cheer up his wife Diya with his cute gestures, Diya keeps up the promise to protect him and nurture their relationship. Will Diya and Ratan rewrite the pages of history with their love story? Is age only a number when it comes to finding true love? Watch the unfolding of a beautiful fairytale as Pehredaar Piya Ki presents the unique Jodi on Indian television.”

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