After Prabhas, Anushka Shetty Rejected An Offer From Karan Johar, Here’s The Reason!

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

After the grand success of Baahubali, its actors and actresses have earned deserving spotlight in stardom. Be it in terms of remuneration or fame, they just raised the barriers all the way. People are now already much curious about the upcoming projects of Baahubali stars, as Prabhas, of course, occupies the first place in terms of favor, his Baahubali co-actors Anushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati are nothing less.

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Earlier, there were rumors about Prabhas’ entry into Bollywood. However, the actor dismissed all those comments. Only authenticated news regarding him is about his will to play a major role in Mahabharata.

Various news channels reported that Rohit Shetty is keen to cast the Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan and the ‘Baahubali’ of Indian Cinema in a film together, which ultimately will be a most promising venture. Later, Rohit Shetty shut down the rumors by opening on the matter.

prabhas and karan johar


Soon after that, Karan Johar’s name has come out. And to much surprise, it also stated that Prabhas has demanded a mammoth amount of money as the remuneration, which Karan thought as the over-priced and turned down the idea of working with him.

Regarding this, Karan even made a tweet on the actor, he questioned the fame and stature of Prabhas. He indirectly took a sly dig at him.

anushka shetty with karan johar

The same has happened with Anushka Shetty. Karan wanted to launch Anushka Shetty in Bollywood through his upcoming venture. He also approached Anushka for a special role in an upcoming project. But Anushka too rejected the offer citing date issues. Despite this, there are rumors that there might be some inside issue between Karan and Baahubali duo. Moreover, the original reasons are not disclosed by any of them.

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