Rishi Kapoor Complains About His Son Ranbir Kapoor, Suggests The Young Actors On Insecurity And Stardom

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is well known for countering the political mishappenings and of course, it doesn’t take much time for him to backfire on silly trolls when it is about him or his people.

Starting from his loosening free words on the award-taking procedure, Rishi Kapoor is nowhere the person who stops expressing his views and exposing the truths. The actor has always been the center of news and controversies for one or other reasons. We all know the mishap he created because of the failure of “Jagga Jassoos”.

rishi kapoor complains about ranbir kapoor

For all the good, he is once again in news and this time it is for the positive reason. Rishi Kapoor has something to say for the young actors. He opined that the current generation of actors are insecure and they aren’t ready to work with other heroes, with respect to the security issues.

Well, what all he has opined is true, the era of Bollywood that was there during his active years is nowhere now.

In a recent interview, the veteran actor has picked on a few young actors, including his own son Ranbir Kapoor. He is irked by the fact that none of the actors today do interesting two-hero films. Rishi, who has acted in several big budget double hero entertainers, feels that today’s younger lot of actors isn’t secure enough to share screen space with one another.

ranbir kapoor multi starrer movie

He also explained how Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan can never be seen doing a film together as well, after all, it was ‘Karan-Arjun’ the last one, since then, there was no movie in which even two of khans worked together.

Let us now assume that Ranbir takes his dad’s suggestion and makes a feature film which will have two or more biggies. After all, none can overshadow him, we’ve seen him excel in the complicated movies like Barfi, Rockstar, and Tamasha.

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