Sofia Hayat Hits Back At Critics, Says She Wears More Clothes Than Baba Ramdev!

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Sofia Hayat, a former model who recently turned a nun had been in the news for her bold avatar. This shocked everyone when she suddenly announced that she has shed her glam doll avatar for a more spiritual being. Sofia now turned as Gaia Mother Sofia.

Sofia Hayat had recently posted a picture of her while doing yoga on her Instagram account.


This grabbed the attention of Sofia as it seemed that she had returned to her sexy image. She was posting bold images of herself which have forced many to believe that the entire ‘nun’ thing was nothing but drama. Everyone questioned her about her dress in the picture.

Sofia Hayat’s Reaction:

Sofia replied by posting another bold image of herself wearing a bathrobe. Sofia slammed her critics and even claimed that she wears more clothes than Baba Ramdev.

Take yourself so high that you become the light of divinity. Anyone who criticizes any skin show.. I am still wearing more clothes than Baba Ram Dev. Our Gods have always been beautiful. Anyone who judges and criticizes, needs to clean their minds and look at this picture, and indeed every woman as a sacred being of creation. A Goddess. When time began a woman on her period was considered sacred. Her blood was sacred. It was the sign of fertility. Now women hide the fact they are menstruating, and are considered unclean. Ask yourself why? The negative, masculine, left brained archon energy did this. The archons are now gone. Remove the programming of associating negativity with women. It is time. The sacred feminine energy is back and is here to stay in all her power, glory and fertility of the earth and LOVE. Namaste Salaam Gaia Mother Sofia #selfie #yoga #goddess #love #yoga

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A message to all the haters who are calling me a fake spiritualist:

“Remove judgment and fear and you will see the truth! When will people learn to stop judging women! I stand up for my rights as a woman to cover up or not. I stand up for my rights as a sacred feminine divine woman, to not live my life according to what you think I should be. I stand up for the rights of every woman who has ever been judged for the choices she makes. I am a Quantum being. All my past lives are awake. I am all of those people in one soul. Be Quantum! Time to lose the fear..and fight for your freedom!! Namaste Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia. Maa Shakti.”

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