This Ugly Fight Between Neha Bhasin And Miss Malini Shows The Real Truth How Singers Are Treated In Bollywood!

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The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award Ceremony 2017 took place at MetLife Stadium, New York. The who’s who of Bollywood turned up in New York and raised the temperature like never before. It ended with lots of amazing moments and wonderful performances turning out into a Golden night of Bollywood ever.

But controversies surrounded the show, as usual, some actors and other celebrities denied with results of awards like everytime after the show. Firstly, it was Sushant Singh Rajput who sarcastically took a dig at IIFA after Shahid was announced as the Best Actor this year for Udta Punjab.

And now, once again another controversy came into the limelight but this time it is not on the issue about any award or between B-town leading actors. Yes, you heard it right!

Surprisingly, it involved the Bollywood blogger, Miss Malini who had a twitter spat with Neha Bhasin a leading female Bollywood singer. This incident happened right after IIFA awards on twitter and it totally turned out worse showing how singers are treated in B-town.

It all started when Miss Malini posted this video of Armaan Malik singing on the IIFA Green Carpet.

The B-town famous blogger made silly goof up by mis-mentioning Armaan as Amaal Malik. However, Amaal Malik was quick to correct the blogger.

And then, singer Aditi Singh Sharma replied to Amaal’s tweet correcting Miss Malini and called out her ignorance:

And then singer Neha Bhasin (who has been recognized and awarded in the past for Sultan‘s female version Jagg Ghoomeya) replied to Sharma’s tweet, pointing out the ignorance when it comes to interviewing (or not) singers:

And it took to the whole level of disagreement between Bhasin and Miss Malini that seems to have transpired before Sharma’s tweet:

Miss Malini promptly reverted with some “support” to Bhasin’s outright angry tweet:

And then she tried to cool down Bhasin:

But for everyone’s surprise, Bhasin replied with this:

And, she confronted Miss Malini:

In the end, Miss Malini, with lots of love (xo) and no more kisses (the other xo), concluded the disagreement which now remains a disagreement that shall seemingly last forever:

Isn’t it a shameful act? One should give minimum respect to the Singers who give us immense pleasure and peace with their songs and music.

It’s time for singers to speak up!

What do you say about this? Do support Miss Malini or Singer Neha Basin in this context? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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