Twinkle Khanna Got A Smelly-Feet Co-Passenger, Check Out How Twitter Assisted Her Journey

Saicharan Palakurthi

Bollywood’sdearily called ‘Mrs funny bones’, Twinkle Khanna is once again on news for her witty tweet. The actor turned writer has made a great fortune with her books and she’s well appreciated for her astounding literary works in media and her novels are well received throughout the country.

Now, after a long time, she once again posted a crazy tweet, this time, she didn’t talk about anything. She simply shot a question, urged for the help from fellow Twitter users and her followers.

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Khanna was traveling somewhere, and some annoying thing happened in her flight journey. A man with foul smelly feet, unfortunately, became her co passenger. Helpless Twinkle, unable to tell him about the same, finally took on to her Twitter account and posted: “Polite way of telling fellow passenger about the 2 dead toads in his socks, chemical weapons capable of decimating nations? “#ChokingAt30000Ft”.

After all, the hashtag itself sounds quite quirky by reminding the ‘sense of humor’ she carries all the way.

The twitter reactions are funny AF alike her post. Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra also shared her opinion by commenting on the post.


She also replied,

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And her response:

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