[WATCH VIDEO] Virat Kohli In A TV Show With Aamir Khan Reveals The Nickname He Gave Anushka Sharma

Saicharan Palakurthi

We admire sportsmen and actors in India, the kind of following both earns is simply priceless. None in our country receive so much affection than both of them, now if this is taken into account, let us imagine how much their favorite player’s or actor’s relationship status fascinates? Yes, that is beyond words.

virat kohli about anushka sharma nickname

There is always a possible relationship between cricket and Bollywood, right from the beginning there are many occasions in which some popular cricketer has dated a Bollywood actress. In our generation, Indian Cricket Team skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood’s much-loved actress Anushka Sharma could unanimously stand as the country’s best couple.

From past few months, the duo has been much open about their relationship, they shared selfies and other photographs on numerous occasions. Both were at the peaks of their career and absolutely good with their personal lives. They gave us some serious couple goals altogether.

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But coming to the facts, Virat Kohli has always been the center of attraction, that might be his classy looks, lifestyle, tattoos, or clothing. Kohli stands as the ‘Knight in the shining armor’ for all purposes. Being the poster-boy of the country, he all of sudden bagged the staggering 100 crore deal with Puma, making himself the first one to ever do so.

Now, that Kohli is all set to star along with Aamir Khan in the upcoming TV Show, people are quite amusingly waiting for the festival. Amidst all that, there is one thing that catches our attention in the video in which Virat saying “Nushkie is very honest,” as he talking about Anushka. He is seen adding that he has fallen in love only once in his life till now.

Well, now that name sounds quite crazy, isn’t it?

Watch the video here:

As it is already opined as the open talk, it is roughly seen Kohli telling Aamir about what he likes or dislikes about Anushka. Virat says she is always honest and extremely caring and has improved him as a person over the past three-four years, well, to know further anything about the duo, we have to wait until Diwali.

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