Virat Kohli JABRA Fan Confessed Her Love For Him To Anushka On Indian Idol Sets

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There has always been a buzz surrounding the love affair of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. Earlier, there were reports that they had given a break to their relation and had taken some time off each other, but now, once again they are back together. Fans always wish to go deep into their love life, but the couple has always maintained a safe distance.

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There is absolutely no denying the fact that Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has countless fans and especially after his mind-blowing performance in the recent games he has played, his fan following ranges from not only the country but all across the globe.

True, people love Virat for his action on the field but it won’t be wrong at all to say that he has made girls go mad over him for his stylish looks too.

And Kohli, in the last few months, has been active in expressing his concern and affinity for Anushka on the social media. On the other hand, Anushka has chosen to be silent whenever she is asked about Virat Kohli.

The Bollywood actress recently found herself in a false position, or rather an awkward position. She was on the sets of the reality show Indian Idol 9.

One of the participants, Malvika Sundar, talked about Virat to Anushka Sharma. After having completed her performance, Malvika could not hold back her emotions.

She told Anushka that she is a big fan of her but is an even bigger fan of the Indian captain. Anushka Sharma was seen smiling as she promised Malvika that she will surely pass on the message to Kohli.

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As per the quotes in the Indian Express, one of the sources from the sets revealed the same as he quoted,

 “After receiving comments from the judges and Anushka Sharma, Malvika Sundar took a minute and told Anushka Sharma that she doesn’t know if she will ever get an opportunity to confess what she has in her mind. She went on to say that she is a big fan of Anushka Sharma but an even bigger fan of cricket and loves Virat Kohli a lot.”

And here we made you familiar with a female fan of Virat who has dedicated a JABRA FAN moment to him with Anushka sharma which is too amazing to miss!

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