Here’s How Much Zubair Khan Was Paid To Be A Part Of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 [WATCH]

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The most awaited famous controversial and most loved celebrity reality show of the Indian television, Bigg Boss is now on a roll again. The 11th season of the reality show has taken off last week. Being the mother of all Indian reality shows, Bigg Boss has definitely carved a slot for itself in the TV arena.

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The show is famous because of the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan and the entertainment provided by the contestants. Just like it does every year, India’s most controversial yet favorite TV show Big Boss 11 has begun. People are very curious about the new contestants.

With Salman as the habitual host and out-of-box tasks introduced this time, the show is all set to entertain people for the coming few months. The Reality show has become the news already as the first-ever ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ with host Salman Khan was quite explosive.

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Earlier, Sources claimed that Salman tugged Rs 8 crores in his kitty for each episode during last year, which means that this ‘Tubelight’ actor actually earned a staggering sum of Rs 16 crores per week. This Bollywood’s superstar has now raised his value by 3 Crores, which means he tucks in over Rs 11 Crores for each, which sums up to a be Rs 22 crores for a week.

Until the eviction of Priyank Sharma, it was Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, rapper Akash Dadlani, Zubair Khan etc., who made the headlines with their presence in the house in one way or other. Now after a while, to everyone’s surprise, Zubair Khan, another contestant from the show got evicted for the health issues, however, while he was in the hospital, Salman announced that he garnered the lowest amount of votes in the polling.

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Now, it is about the remuneration of Zubair Khan, who was recently evicted from the reality show. Just when we thought that Bigg Boss 11 house was taken to its logical conclusion by eliminating Zubair Khan, explosive statements made by the eliminated contestant Zubair in an interview post-elimination has ruffled feathers.

In the six-and-a-half minute video, we can clearly see that the self-proclaimed don, who claims himself to be a director, journalist, an undercover agent, is making ridiculous allegations against Salman.

He said, “Salman Khan is a puppet and can dance shirtless for money. I am not Vivek Oberoi who will get scared of him. I am also not Arjit Singh who will say ‘sorry bhai’ on social media. I went to the show as a director. I didn’t know they are introducing me as Haseena Parker’s relative on the channel.”

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He added, “I have left the Bigg Boss house, nobody evicted me. Salman Khan threatened me on camera that he won’t let me work. There’s a saint inside the house, Shivani ji, nobody came to her rescue when she was disrespected. People are scared due to their contract.”

While leaking secrets of the reality show, Zubair had also revealed how much he was getting paid per week for the week. Eliminated contestant Zubair, who is not scared by the contract he signed before entering the house, revealed, “The contract was of two years. I would have gotten Rs 25,000 every week. After two years, I would have gotten Rs 50,000 every month. Free ka paisa kisko bura lagta hai!”

But, the Bigg Boss Reality Show authorities didn’t reveal any such remunerations regarding the contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

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