26-Yr Woman Lost 92 KGs & Her Epic Transformation Pics Will Give You Serious Goals For Weight-Loss

Written By : AIR Staff

There is no denying the fact that true beauty lies in the heart or inner-self of a person; however, being fit is very necessary for this hectic life schedule otherwise we will fall a prey to many diseases. So, the first priority of an individual should be to remain fit and healthy, as a healthy mind can stay only in a healthy body.

Also, there is nothing to be ashamed of little extra weight if you are happy with it but losing that extra kilo will only increase your beauty and health quotient. What’s more, it also boosts your confidence and may bring a change in the perception of people towards you.

Everybody wants to be in the spotlight at some point in their lives, but the journey from fat to fit is undoubtedly very tiring and involves lots of hard work.

Meet Simone Anderson Pretscherer (26) from Auckland who was also tired of being 169 Kg, so she underwent gastric sleeve surgery nearly 2 years back but after this, her skin became very loose as she wrote on Instagram,

After losing 92kg, my skin, of course, was stretched too far and couldn’t bounce back, just over 30 weeks ago I underwent skin removal. It was the best decision of my life and I do not have a single regret.

In the beginning, when she posted her pics on social media, she was trolled and it was alleged that her weight-loss is fake but she has now started a website – Journey to Health – in order to help those who dream of losing their weight. Simone, who weighs 77 Kg now, says, What I’ve learned from that journey is how much I can give back and that’s what I feel this page is great for.

Check out some pics of her:

What a drastic transformation!

Hats off to the lady!


Can’t believe my eyes!

The website consists of workout plans and healthy diets which were made for Simone by her trainer Nicole Alyce when she was trying to lose weight. Simone said, “The main point of the website is not so much the business, it’s about the community side of it and getting people involved. Obviously, there’s the part where people can sign up and get some extra workout plans and things like that, but there is so much free content for everyone and just space where people can inspire and motivate each other.”

And here she is!


Is she the same woman?


Hot & beautiful!

She’s a pro at workout! What a confidence!



The website also gives a chance to its members to have a chat with a nutritionist, personal trainer and a doctor. She further speaks about the weight-loss program,

“It doesn’t have to be boring – that’s something I really want to push – and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. And workout plans that all can be done from home with no gym membership needed, because I know, especially for mums, how difficult it is to find that time to get to a gym and to find childcare and things like that.”

The website is getting much popular in very less time and people from Canada, US and Germany are also joining it. She has nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram and has also appeared on Tyra Banks’ Fab Life show.

She says, “I still don’t see myself as that because this is something I’ve done for me and I do struggle to see myself as an inspiration. But it’s knowing even if I’ve made a change in one person’s life it is amazing and that’s something I’m so proud of.”

She is definitely a true source of inspiration and if she doesn’t inspire you, nothing can!

Image Source: Instagram