9 Things You Should Immediately Stop Doing In The Early Morning

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

A day must always have a good start. The things we do every morning will directly or indirectly show a certain impact on our state of mind throughout the day. So, healthy morning habits are important. But often we ignore the morning routine as we tend to wake up late and then start rushing in order to meet our schedules.

Drinking a glass of water, going for a morning walk, playing with your pet, reading a book, working out, meditating and having a healthy breakfast are few things which we are well aware of. Contrary to these, we often unconditionally develop few habits that are absolutely harmful to health.

It is well known what successful people often say about the benefits of waking up early. Here, we collected few such things and enlisted below,

Bed Coffee: Not as fancy as it sounds, Coffee at early morning is definitely ungood for health. Imagine the army of germs going inside your belly along with the coffee. Better quit doing it, or have your much-beloved coffee after brushing teeth.

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Smoking: This is generally the most common and much uncontrollable bad habit one can ever have. Smoking right after waking up will increase the chances of getting cancer, so, it’s better if you prefer to light up the first stick after few hours.


Junk/Spicy Foods: Various studies have proved that Junk foods are always unhealthy, and when it comes to breakfast, salads, smoothies or cereal must be preferred, unlike the fatty foods. Even the masala foods will result in stomach burning. The junk foods play a vital role in serious health issues as we age.


Never Skip Your Breakfast: Never ever do this, it spoils the hygiene throughout the day. Breakfast itself indicates that one must need to break the fast in between dinner and the following day’s lunch.

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Sitting Lazily: Move yourself and carry on with the daily routine. Sitting idle all the day will result in feeling low during the rest of the day.


Wake Up Early: Always prefer sleeping early and waking up the same. It is far better than sleeping late in the night, then waking up at next day’s noon. Delay in waking up will result in improper breakfast and lunch timings.

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Watching Violent Stuff: Don’t ever do this, watching these kinds of shows or videos will result in having severe mood swings throughout the day at the work place. Instead, watch something soothing and pleasant.

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Quarreling: It is wiser to start your day on a positive note. Picking up a fight with your spouse or anyone else early in the morning may impact everyone’s mental state for the whole day.


Nature Calls: This is most commonly delayed or ignored deed that must be done. People often stop themselves hurrying for some office work. There must be no delay in this.

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