6 Amazing Uses Of Banana Peel You Never Knew! A Beauty & Health Catalyst Check Here

Written By : Chaitu

A recent study has discovered that two bananas can provide enough energy for intense 90-minute exercise. Banana is a favorite fruit of many athletes. It’s incredible, right?

But, here comes the million-dollar question – did you know that you can use the banana peel to treat many different skin problems, such as remove warts, treat wrinkles and acne, whiten your teeth? Well yes, and you should also know that the banana peel works great as an analgesic and you can use it to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis.

6 Amazing Uses Of Banana Peel You Never Knew! A Beauty & Health Catalyst

In this article we are going to tell you an amazing banana peel uses, which you’ve probably never heard of:

Here Is The Uses Banana Peel!

1.Acne and wrinkles

The banana is excellent for complete skin care. The reason is the present antioxidants and anti-aging characteristics. Bananas hydrate and nourish the skin. Rub the banana peel on the skin, particularly in the troubled and problematic areas. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

6 Amazing Uses Of Bananas You Never Knew! A Beauty & Health Catalyst

2.Banana peel for teeth whitening

Rub your teeth with the inner side of a banana peel every day for two weeks. Soon you will notice the positive results.

Banana peel for teeth whitening

3.Banana peel for losing weight

Do you know that a significant amount of that potassium is present in a banana peel? It can provide around 40% of the potassium.

Banana peel for losing weight

This mineral is needed if you want to lose weight. It boosts metabolism, so you burn more calories and muscles have enough energy. If you have energy, you can be more active. However, banana peels contain many other things, such as antioxidants, fiber, B-vitamins, vitamin A.

Fiber is more present in banana’s skin than in the banana itself. Fiber keeps you full for a longer period.

4.Curing Psoriasis

You can use the banana peel to treat the symptoms of psoriasis. Here’s the process to do – just rub the banana peel on the affected area. Repeat this process two times a day.

5.Remove skin warts

If you have skin blemishes, banana peel solves this problem. Not only you will remove them with it, but also you will prevent their appearance in the future. Place a banana peel piece over the wart on your skin and fix it with a bandage. Let it sit overnight. Continue to do this process until you entirely remove the mole.

6.Green or yellow banana peel?        

Ripe bananas can fight with Cancer cells, and they can help your body create white blood cells.

If you want to lose your weight, then green peels are better than yellow ones. Probiotics help your digestive health. Also, green peels increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Green or yellow banana peel

It is hard for you to eat the banana peel, but there are some ways you can do that.

For example, make a smoothie. Throw away both ends of the banana peel and put it in a blender, adding some coconut milk, cinnamon, ice, and any other ingredient you like. If you choose this method, use yellow peels because they have a banana flavor and are sweeter.

However, green bananas are better for cooking. You can use green banana peels to prepare chutneys or curries or even use them instead of potatoes. The only thing you need is being creative. Feel free to get creative. Buy organic bananas and clean them thoroughly before using.

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