Drinking Green Tea Right After The Meal Can Harm Your Health!


Scientists revealed that there are several health benefits of green tea when consumed on a regular basis. Green tea will improve metabolism and boosts the fat burning mechanism to make you fit and healthy. It also shows adverse effects on your stomach, and other parts of the body to burn fat. Green tea also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight against cancer cells. But there are some best times to drink green tea. Only when you consume in that particular times, it acts best on your body and gives good results.

Do you know that there are some best times to have green tea? Yes, depending on the purpose for which you are taking it, the timings may differ. People take Green tea for many reasons like losing weight, to have good health, for body fitness, etc. Let see what are the timing to consume green tea for better results.

Green Tea after Meal

Green tea, when taken in between the meals, can inhibit the process of digestion. The food we eat contains calcium, iron, and many other nutrients which are hard to digest completely. They are partially digested and released out. But from the day you start drinking green tea after meals, you will notice the difference. You feel very light and energetic than earlier. All these observations are because of the action of green tea. It can reduce the absorption of macronutrients such as fat and proteins. So what you need to do is, just have green tea an hour before your meal and after.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

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Many of our friends recommend green tea for weight loss. But, have you ever tried to know the formula and the right way to use green tea for weight loss? Let’s see how green tea helps with weight loss. Green tea acts on your body in two ways, they are boosting metabolism and inhibiting the absorption of fat. If you are consuming green tea for weight loss, then you have to drink it along with your meal. But be careful, if you have a very sensitive stomach, it may lead to other health problems. Just drink green tea along with your meal as the alkaline nature in it stimulates the secretion of gastric acid.

Green Tea on an empty Stomach

You might have indeed taken green tea on an empty stomach. Isn’t it? But, from now on you will never have green tea on an empty stomach after reading this. Because, Green tea contains caffeine, the percentage of caffeine varies with the quantity of tea you drink. This caffeine can lead to dehydration and stimulates the release of gastric acid. Both of them upsets your stomach within no time. Taking green tea on an empty stomach can cool the lungs and stomach. The percentage of caffeine in Indian Green Tea is 59 mg, percentage of caffeine in Chinese Oolong Green tea is 37 mg, and Kenyan green tea is 58 mg.

Green Tea Before Bed

It is always good that you take Oolong green tea before going to bed. Having Green Tea before going to bed can eventually help you in losing weight. This habit of taking Green Tea before you hit the sack will not disturb your deep sleep but does its work. As the caffeine content is low in Oolong tea, better opt for it. But one thing you need to remember is to have this green tea 1 hour before you go to bed.

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