A Glass Of Red Wine At Dinner, Good For Health? Check Here


Drinking a glass of red wine at dinner would protect against cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and help to get to sleep more easily. Here is the conclusion of a study published in the journal of internal medicine, October 13, 2015.The study was designed to investigate the impact of moderate wine consumption on the health of a group of people.The scientists conducted their research among 224 people with type 2 diabetes. The scientists have chosen these patients because they were more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, had lower levels of good cholesterol and were also less likely to drink alcohol unduly because of their pathology.

A Glass Of Red Wine At Dinner, Good For Health? Check Here

Participants were asked to drink 142 ml during dinner, a choice of mineral water, dry white wine or dry red wine. They also followed under the supervision of a dietician, a Mediterranean diet not restrictive in calories for 2 years.


After the meal, the volunteers answered a questionnaire and underwent blood tests. The most effective wine than water to improve the health status


The group that drank red wine has benefited from an increase in good cholesterol and a better ratio of cholesterol compared to those who drank water.Moreover, academics have found that the “wine drinkers” have significantly reduced their metabolic syndrome (signs that increase the risk of onset of diabetes, heart disease and stroke (AVC)).The researchers also found that consumption of red or white wine was associated with better sleep.

Conclusion: long-term associate a healthy diet with moderate consumption of red wine help to lower heart risks and Metabolism!

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