5 Simple Exercises To Tighten Your Loose Arms

Written By : Swarna

It is a very tough task to get back to your normal figure once you are obese. Obesity is a very bitter problem which leads to many diseases. Even if you get rid of this obesity, there will be other problems that will prick you all the time such as arm tightening and thighs. Among them, arms tightening is really tough. As it is very much exposed, people concentrate more on arms but not thighs.

As every one of us knows arms will have the largest muscle. With every task, you do to loose your weight only your abs get toned but not the arms. For that here are some specials exercises that will tone your arms. You may do this day by day for your dream figure.

Arm Rotation:

Just put your arms straight and make the complete circular rotations. This is just a little workout but helps you a lot. Also, we can think it as a boost up or warm up exercise.

Push Ups:

For the fat in your chest and arms, the best thing you can do is pushups. Most of the task is based on your knees and arms. Lie down on your mat with knees and arms to bare the weight of the whole body. Try keeping your body parallel to ground and then raise it until you put your arms straight. You can do this at least 10 to 15 times.

Triceps Dip:

For this, you need a property like a chair, bench or at least a wooden stool. Place your arms on the chair and at some distance rest your feet. Now slowly raise upwards till your arms are straight. Again get back to normal position till your butt feels the ground. With this exercise, your back arms get toned.

Triceps Dumbbell Kickback:

For this keep your legs side by side and bend little at your knees. Now push your butt back and bend your hands at the elbow. Point to note is, you must carry dumbbells in your hands while doing this. Now stretch your arms back till you keep it parallel to the floor. With this, you can tone your upper arms. Do this for 10 to 15 reps.

Triceps Extension:

You may or may not stand straight on the floor; you can just hold dumbbells in your hand. Now raise your hands upwards with weight and slowly bend back till you bend your elbow at -90 degrees. That is your option where to catch the dumbbells at the end or middle.

Triceps Extension

With all the above exercises you can tone your arms. You can be completely fit and get the satisfaction of being fit. If you cannot do this daily at least, you can do them 3 times a week.

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