What Happens To Your Health When You Swallow A Chewing Gum?


Have you ever swallowed a piece of chewing gum? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then you have to definitely read this article. Do you know that if a chewing gum is swallowed, it stays in your stomach for 7 years?

Yes, you read it correctly. The chewing gum staying in your body for 7 years isn’t its fate.

What Happens To Your Health When You Swallow A Chewing Gum? Check It Out

According to the life-long myths, when you swallow a piece of chewing gum, it stays in your stomach for 7 years because the stomach acids and the intestines aren’t able to excrete it out like other food items that you eat. However, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are few facts what really happen when you swallow chewing gum:

Chewing gum is supposed to be chewed, but not eaten.

We all have at some stage accidentally swallowed chewing gum.

But the fact is that it doesn’t stay in your stomach for 7 years.

To be honest, chewing gum goes through your digestive system just like any other food. But your stomach and intestines can’t properly digest it due to the materials used in making the gum. Eventually, it will pass in your poop.

Due to the strong enzymes and acids present in your digestive path, the gum breaks down like any other food. But the base of the chewing gum doesn’t break down due to the chemicals used in it.

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Does gum stick to the intestine walls?

Gum doesn’t stick to your intestine walls. It doesn’t mean it will form a gum plaque or anything like that inside your intestine. There won’t be any harm if you swallow a chewing gum. However, it is not advised that you make it a habit.

Swallowing gum is just like swallowing corn. You will always poop out corn, and your bowel movement will still be healthy.

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