How To Link Your Aadhaar Card To PAN Card, Step-By-Step Process, And Why Is It Necessary?

Saicharan Palakurthi

Following the various steps in order to identify the authenticated identities and curbing out the existing non-linear corrupted facilities, the Central Government has now come up with an another interesting idea, this is about interlinking the Aadhar Card to the PAN Card.

Why Link Your PAN to Aadhaar:

Certain regulations are introduced under ‘The Finance Bill 2017’ which will be on the table from July 1, 2017. According to this new bill following measures must be taken:

pan card link to aadhaar

  • Every taxpayer will have to quote his/her Aadhaar Card number when filing their income-tax returns in India.
  • To get a new PAN card applicants will have to provide their Aadhaar Card Numbers.
  • Those who already have PAN cards will have to link their PAN cards to their Aadhaar Cards or in the near future, their PAN cards may be canceled.

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How To Link Your PAN to Aadhaar (step-by-step):

To accelerate the process, the government has also introduced an electronic process, all you have to do is log in or register yourself in the concerned website and follow the instructions.

Step 1.

Firstly, register yourself at the income tax e-filing portal, if you are not already registered.

(Here’s the website:

Step 2.

Right after going into the website, Log into the e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department by entering the log-in ID, password, and date of birth credentials.

how to link aadhar to pan card

Step 3.

After logging in to the site, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to link your PAN card with Aadhaar card. If you don’t see the popup, go to the blue tab on the top bar named ‘Profile Settings’ and click on ‘Link Aadhaar’.

aadhar and pan cards

Step 4.

Now, details such as name, date of birth and gender will already be mentioned as per the details submitted at the time of registration on the e-Filing portal. Verify the details on screen with the ones mentioned on your Aadhaar card.

Step 5.

After analyzing the details, you can now enter your Aadhaar card number and captcha code and click on the “Link now” button if the details match.

process of linking aadhaar card to pan card

Step 6.

Finally, wait for a moment and there’ll be a pop-up message will inform you that your Aadhaar card has been successfully linked to your PAN card.

aadhaar and pan linked

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