This Lady Cop Was Transferred For Arresting BJP Leaders And She Gave A Befitting Reply To Yogi Govt!

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

A woman police officer from Bulandshahr, Shrestha Thakur has got a huge round of applause on social media when she stood against BJP leaders and sent them to jail. They obstructed the woman police from doing her duties and thus, they were imprisoned.

On June 22, a traffic violator was fined Rs 200 for not wearing a helmet Thakur and her team. The man introduced himself as a BJP worker and refused to pay fine. The argument soon broke out and the BJP worker asked other members to arrive at the scene.

Shrestha Thakur

BJP leaders soon arrived the spot and argued with Thakur and other police personnel, and also accused one of the constables of seeking bribe. As the BJP leaders objected her, on which the lady officer said that she was just doing her duty.

The Woman cop also said that if CM Yogi gives in writing that police doesn’t have rights to take action against BJP leaders, she would accept it. When the arguments did not stop, Thakur booked five BJP workers for obstructing a public servant from doing their duty. A video of the whole scene went viral on social media and was transferred.

Watch The Video Here:

At least 11 MLAs and MP are said to have met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath after the altercation with the woman police officer. The transfer order has come post this meeting. It is said that BJP leaders asked senior officers to transfer her. They claimed that she should be transferred as she disrespected BJP leaders.


Shreshtha was accused of using objectionable language against CM Yogi. Shrestha Thakur was transferred to Bahraich (Nepal Border). After being transferred, Thakur gave a befitting reply to Yogi government with a Facebook post.

Here’s what she posted;

Thakur reply

The English translation of her lines is “Wherever it goes, it spreads light. A flame doesn’t have a house of its own. Got a transfer to Bahraich, it’s Nepal border, don’t worry my friends I am happy ..I accept it as a reward for my good work. .u all are invited to Bahraich.”

And the best thing about the woman police is that she was ‘Feeling Happy’. Instead of feeling sad or crying, she accepted the decision and gave a mount-shutting reply.

People Reaction:

People reaction

We all feel proud of such police officers. We shall hope she will do well wherever she is.

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