Sanjay Dutt Lashed Out & Said Media Should Ban KRK! What KRK Replied Is Surprising!

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KRK is one of the active persons who uses Twitter to only slam and mock people. The self-proclaimed no.1 critic would always have an opinion about everything going on in the world, and especially in the Indian film industry. Even though he gets badly thrashed later, KRK never leaves any chance to troll celebrities on Twitter.


He thinks he is the biggest star ever born in Bollywood and gets trolled badly every time. He always does some or other things to be in the limelight.

Yes, KRK can do anything and everything to get into the limelight and it has reached to an extent that people have started ignoring his stupidities. Social media users are so pissed off with him that they don’t even want to waste their hateful comments on him.

Taking a point on this, Sanjay Dutt went ahead and wants to get away with KRK’s non-sense and hence, he lashed out saying media should ban the self-proclaimed critic. In an interview with India TV, Sanjay Dutt said that media should tolerate people like KRK and should ban him completely.

Here’s what India TV tweeted after the interview:

As soon as Kamaal Rashid Khan spotted this tweet, he immediately replied but this time it was positive. He said that if Sanjay Dutt asks him to leave Twitter, he will surely do it.

Here’s what KRK wrote:

The tweet read, “If Sanjay Dutt will ask me to leave #Twitter then I will leave immediately because I love him.”

Surprisingly, by this tweet, we understood that there’s one actor which is lucky enough to get some respect from KRK. Yes, we are talking about Sanjay Dutt, who is currently very busy with his upcoming movie “Bhoomi”.

After reading his tweet, Twitterati was almost ready enough to hit back with insulting tweets;

Jald se jald!

You are afraid!

See his body!


Bharat Ratna!

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