This Women Posted Picture With Her Newborn But Instagrammers Noticed Something Serious In The Picture That She Hadn’t

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Nowadays, a new trend has been started by our favorite female celebrities to flaunt their baby bump privately and now every pregnant woman wants to go with it. And it has become a common thing these days, for the new mothers to post pictures of them breastfeeding their babies or just resting with the little ones.

This is what a woman did recently by posting a picture of herself resting with her 8-weeks-old baby while she was down with the flu.

But surprisingly, this trend of posting pictures helped this mother from gitting rid of a serious problem. Yes, you heard it right!

Feeling confused? Then read the full story here,

Until posting the picture online, she(the mother) thought she is suffering from the normal flu but one of her Instagram followers pointed out that it can be something serious.
Yes, an online follower like a god helped this woman by pointing out that it might be mastitis that the woman might be suffering from. Wondering what actually it is?
Well, Mastitis is a disease that can happen to any new mom, particularly with 6 to 12 weeks of giving birth. It’s nothing but an infection of the breast tissue that happens in breastfeeding women.
The woman had posted on Instagram,
Sick as a flea bitten dog in the backstreets of Bali. Except I’m not in Bali. I’m in bed with a temp of 39, sore throat, body aches and a 8 weeks old. I salute you all moms/dads with a chronic and serious illness who get up every day and push through the pain and take care of your kids. This is hard.
One of the followers who hinted that the symptom sounds like mastitis wrote,
I got it about 7 times while BF, so I used to ask the Dr. for the prescription and have the antibiotics on hand ready to take and the first sign of infection, to lessen the severity.

The woman is Zoe Hendrix, a former reality TV star who starred on ‘Married at First Sight.’ Thank god for the comment on her post that Zoe discovered about the disease pretty early and got diagnosed for it.

She soon visited a doctor and updated her followers on the status with this photo of herself and the baby saying-

“THANK YOU ?? to all you wonderful and switched on followers who informed me about Mastitis in my last post (which I thought was just the flu) I have been on antibiotics, pain relief, and my angel of a mother in law has been helping me care for Harper. I am starting to feel human again after feeling like I was hit by a truck! #thankyouinstafam.”

Well, this incident proves yet again that being active on social media sometimes can be very beneficial sharing some important and useful stuff with one another.

NOTE: Mastitis is a disease that can happen to any new mom, particularly with 6 to 12 weeks of giving birth.

Share this valuable information, if you know anyone who is pregnant or someone who has given birth recently to help them identify the symptoms early.

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