This Is Why Director SS Rajamouli Erased Multiple Scenes Of Tamannah From The Baahubali’s Sequel

Saicharan Palakurthi

Most of us have already seen the country’s most prestigious movie ‘Baahubali-2’. This successful sequel left all of us stunned, this magnum opus movie literally swept us off our feet, such is the glare the director SS Rajamouli has brought on to the big screen. It must be said that this South Indian director has already raised the bars of movie making quite amusingly and breathtakingly at the same time.

Now that the movie became the first Indian project to cross the Rs 1000 crore mark with nothing less spectacular than the Hollywood masterpieces. The story, the cast and the crew, everyone did their best to crest the movie. And country’s most awaited question ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’ has been answered in a brilliant way.

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But, still, there are certain questions that are boggling our brains, the movie has answered few questions, but left a few, viewers throughout the country wondered noticing the mere or no presence of the valiant Avantika (Tamannah). The actress has already gained enough charm with her performance in the first part and it is a bit saddening that Avantika has almost done nothing in part two. Some believe that to concise the length of the movie and keep focussing on the storyline, the director himself has omitted her part.

On the other side, the recent sources claimed that Rajamouli has erased many scenes after the completion of shooting, and there are few scenes which are beyond the hands of VFX, after realizing the impossibility in beautifying such scenes, the director deliberately gave up. And unfortunately, almost all of those scenes featured our beloved Avantika aka Tamannah.

Surprisingly, the actress didn’t know all this, in an interview before the release of the sequel, she claimed that she plays an important role in the sequel for which she has learned sword fighting and horse riding.