[WATCH VIDEO] A Gurugram Ambulance Covering 12 Kms in 7 Mins To Save A Cancer Patient Goes Viral

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

We are all tired of hearing that people in India do not really behave as Good Samaritans when it comes to traffic rules or making way for ambulances during heavy rush on roads.

Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of selflessness. There are some people who must be taught a lesson about ‘Humanity’.

Blocking the way to Ambulance

Making way to the ambulance is not an achievement, but it’s considered as responsibility and common sense from human’s side, isn’t it? Even Police must perform their duty while an ambulance is passing by controlling the traffic and making way to the ambulance.

There are many instances where people didn’t give way to the ambulance and causing danger to the patients. Last month, Kerala police arrested a youth for obstructing the movement of an ambulance which was carrying a newborn baby suffering from breathing difficulty.

ambulance from Delhi to Gurgaon

But there are even a few incidents when people with humanity react and make way.

Recently, an ambulance in Gurgaon taking a critically ill cancer patient was given Green corridor from Delhi Airport terminal 1D to the Gurgaon border. According to a report, the ambulance belonging to Fortis Hospital Gurgaon covered a distance of 12 km till the Gurgaon border in 7 minutes.

The video of the incident is taking the internet by storm. The ambulance departed from terminal 1D at 5.26 pm and reached Gurgaon border at 5.33 pm.

Watch The Video Here:

The police were aiding the Fortis Hospital in this seemingly impossible Endeavour.

Salute to the people who made this happen. It’s such a fortunate thing to witness amidst so many bad things happening in the world.

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