A Publication Reported That Virat Was ‘Gazing’ At Anchor’s Leg And Twitter Roasted Them Right

Written By : AIR Staff

Nowadays, social media has dropped down way below the bar just for the sake of TRP ratings and viral market. The morals and ethics are gone replacing the currency. Yes, making a hot topic into some sensational news adding some masala to it has become a common practice to reporting these days.

But, there exists a fine line between reporting light-hearted issues of public interests and twisting facts to create a click-bait. And sadly, that line gets crossed more often than not. Recently, a publication posted pictures of Shah Rukh’s daughter, Suhana Khan with an objectionable title and now another did the same with Virat Kohli.

As we all know Virat Kohli is one of the greatest batsmen of the world right now, eventually he makes headlines every day. Yes, it is not new to see every single detail of their life uncovered by paparazzi and media outlets.

But recently,  a leading publication reported this about Virat Kohli and the headline could not have been more disgusting.

Clearly, Virat Kohli was looking at the piece of paper in Archana Vijaya’s hand (and was probably phased out). What’s more, the publication even brought Anushka Sharma into the topic. Here’s a clearer picture tweeted by the same publication.

Clearly, this didn’t go well with the Twitterverse and angry reactions started pouring in.

1. That’s one way of saying it

2. True that

3. ‘Disgraceful’ is the word

4. Some angry wordplay here

5. Tit for tat?

And pretty soon, the hashtag ‘#DNAreporting’ started trending with some hilarious reactions. Check ’em out.

1. “Like a tracer bullet”

2. Breaking News

3. Grabbing the wrong balls?

4. ‘Mahi maar raha hai’

5. More like ‘No-hit’ Sharma ?

6. Why you do so, Kohli?

7. Anti-God?

8. Ahem..*Scotland Yard* ahem..

9. How dare he?!

10. This might actually be true


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