Watch: Aamir Khan Reaction On Bengaluru Mass Molestation

Written By : AIR Staff

Aamir Khan is hitting the headlines now and then for his excellent sports biopic Dangal’s success. His film is fabulous, and everyone appreciates it. Mr. Perfectionist.  The man not only makes good films but also takes care of social issues and comments on them. His show, Satyamev Jayathe is a perfect example of such.

After Bengaluru Home Minister, G Parameshwara reaction on mass molestation, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi shocking comments about Bengaluru Night of shame, here is Aamir Kaan who came up with a perfect solution for such incidents. Aamir is the first celebrity to speak on this terrible incident.

Aamir couldn’t resist speaking about this incident at the launch of his initiative “Satyamev Jayate Water Cup”. The actor slammed this incident and said;

“What happened in Bangalore was very sad. We all are saddened and feel ashamed when something like this happens in our country. Every state government should take a step for this. You see in America, if an incident like this happens, within two-three months the guilty person is punished and the case is closed. When this happens, I feel there will be a big change. In today’s age, people who misbehave with girls think ‘nothing will happen to us’. When such examples come in front of us, that whoever did this is behind bars within 2-3 months, and continuously if we see this, situation will change. There will be fear among people, which is a very important thing.”

Watch Aamir Khan Reaction Here:

We need to take some strict actions very soon, else such unruly guys will take Indian law for granted. Share your views about this in our comments section below.

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