Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Slams Aaj Tak Over MCD Issue, Twitterati Trolled Him Massively

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Ever since the demonetization move announced, Kejriwal is always in news for his controversial comments and anti-Modi slogans. On the other hand, Modi fans are trying their best to troll him or pass sarcastic comments as soon as he utters a word against him.

But this time, he started a rage on twitter yesterday when he accused leading media channel AajTak for blaming AAP and saving BJP’s back over the recent MCD issue.

Kejriwal, who in the past few years have been on the receiving end of the media, accused Aaj Tak of ‘saving BJP’ and said that they should stop blaming them for everything.

Here is his tweet:

As soon as his tweet came on twitter, people bashed him left and right for his silly comments on the news channel. His tweet though didn’t go down with Twitteratis, who once again took the opportunity to troll him.

See how Twitterati reacted on his tweet:

Twitterati’s especially wanted to know that if everything is run by BJP, what is it that Kejriwal is doing.

Someone even took the pain of reminding him.

While MCD does have its own elections and currently is under BJP’s rule. But, the salaries for the MCD employees is released by the central government, who sends it to the Delhi government, who in turn distributes it amongst various MCD zones and then to MCD employees.

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