Bengaluru Molestation Case: Four Men Arrested, Identified as Delivery Boys

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A day after the mass molestation incident happened in Bengaluru on new year eve a shocking CCTV Footage shocked everyone. The CCTV footage of a young woman being groped and molested in a deserted lane of Kammanahalli area in East Bengaluru went viral in social media and the police made a big move after the credible evidence.

The CCTV footage was provided to the police by a resident, Prashanth Francis, who had installed the camera at his house. The Bengaluru police have arrested four men on Thursday in connection with the case of molestation in a residential area in the city on New Year’s eve. The police questioned eight people and let off the remaining four.

The alleged molesters are four men named Aiyappa alias Nitish Kumar, 19, Leno alias Lenin Patrick, 20, Sudhesh alias Sudi, 20, Somashekar alias Chinni, 24, all of whom are residents of the Kammanahalli area.

Commissioner Praveen Sood said, “We did not waste any time, and immediately took up a suo moto case and formed a special team to nab the culprits. The team has zeroed in on four persons within 48 hours. We did not wait for the victim to file a complaint, or try to get in touch with her for a statement because the CCTV camera footage in itself was credible evidence.”

Four men Connected With Case of molestation:

Aiyappa – Main Accused

The police analyzed the video and came to the conclusion that the men were locals since they looked like they knew the area. The police began to comb through earlier footage from Francis’ camera, as well as CCTV cameras in the area, to find men who looked similar to the ones in the December 31 footage.

They found four camera shots which showed the same scooter on the same road, with clear facial shots. Ayyappa is allegedly the youth seen in the CCTV footage, sexually assaulting the woman and throwing her to the ground.

Two persons Sudhi alias Sudhesh, 20, and Somasekhara alias Chinni, 24, residents of Fraser Town waiting at the end of the lane were also arrested. Sudhesh, too, worked as a delivery boy for online portals, while Somashekar was a driver.

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