[WATCH VIDEO] BJP Leader Fails To Sing Vande Mataram Even After By Looking At Mobile Screen

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

In December of 2016, Supreme Court has come up with a surprising verdict saying that National Anthem is must in cinema halls. The decision was strictly followed in theaters since then.

The Apex court ended up saying that it is mandatory for movie theaters to play the National Anthem before a movie starts, along with visuals of the national flag and it should not be dramatized or exploited commercially.


The Supreme Court further stated that all those inside the theater must rise and pay attention when the National Anthem is being played on the screen. Though some prominent people went against this, many supported the act, called it a gesture of patriotism.

It doesn’t get more ironical than this. As the BJP pushes for singing Vande Mataram mandatory in schools, its own spokesperson was cornered during a heated debate on a news channel. Navin Kumar Singh was sparring words with Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board on the issue when the latter challenged him to sing the national song right then.

Politician not singing vande mataram

The clip shows that Singh did not just forget the words of the song, he was unfamiliar with them, as becomes apparent when he tries to read the song off his mobile phone and mispronounces almost every word, much to the amusement of the AIMPLB member as well as people online.

Watch The Video Here:

A few months ago, in a TV show at India Today, Uttar Pradesh’s minorities welfare MoS Baldev Singh Aulakh was unable to sing a single line of the song.

Both the leaders, in the proper nationalistic spirit, were in the TV studios to defend their party’s stand of forcing others to sing Vande Mataram.

Written in highly Sankritised Bengali, Vande Mataram has often proven to be rather unpronounceable and incomprehensible for generations of students, both urban and in smaller cities or villages, trying to learn it by mindlessly singing for the annual Independence Day and Republic Day performances.

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