17-Year-Old Girl Who Is The Brain Behind The Blue Whale Game Arrested

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Nowadays, online games have become a way of life. From the Candy Crush mania to the slavish obsession for Pokemon Go and the addiction with Angry Birds there are many games that keep us hooked on the Internet, Computers and Mobile Phones. Even games like Need for Speed and Vice City have since long been teenagers’ favorite online addiction.

blue whale game owner arrested

While there are a few disadvantages of playing games non-stop, it does help one beat the stress. But, can you imagine a game that can take your life? Yes, it’s true. The new online gaming challenge called Blue Whale has reportedly been challenging kids to commit suicide at the final stage. There have been a huge number of people who got affected by this dangerous game.

The ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ encourages vulnerable teenagers to take part in a series of disturbing tasks watching horror movies, waking up at unusual hours and like cutting themselves each day for 50 days. One of the tasks involved teenagers cutting the shape of a whale on their body, using a sharp knife or razor.

blue whale game

In this regard, a 17-year-old Russian girl who was alleged as the administrator of the deadly Blue Whale suicide challenge was arrested from the Khabarovsk Krai region in south-east Russia, reports said. The teenager accused of being the global mastermind behind the Blue Whale suicide group craze.

Officers have detained the 17-year-old girl behind the death group, which has incited dozens of vulnerable children to take their own lives. The unnamed Russian teenager issued threats to her victims to murder them or their family members if they failed to obey orders to complete tasks she set them involving cutting themselves with razor blades and other acts of self-harm.

According to the reports, the girl was responsible for creating the 50 challenges which instructed and forced players in the game to inflict self-harm, eventually culminating in suicide. She also threatened the victims with being murdered in a sinister new twist to such online groups which pose rising concerns to police in many countries.

The report quoted Colonel Irina Volk from the Russian interior ministry as saying, “This administrator was sending particular tasks often life-threatening to each of several dozen members of the group. In contrast to similar groups, teenagers in this group were blackmailed with death threats against them or their relatives for not completing the tasks.”

The police video reportedly showed the unnamed girl barefoot in her house as the authorities went through her belongings and found drawings and sketches related to suicide as well. The Blue Whale Challenge is a 50-day fatal game which demands that players complete tasks given by an anonymous “handler”.

The “handler” instructs the players to cause self-harm, leading up to suicide. Some of the tasks include waking up at odd hours to watch a horror movie to carving a blue whale on one’s body. She set victims 50 tasks in as many days aimed at “creating psychologically traumatizing situations”, with the final stage demanding that the victim commits suicide.

The “brainwashing” by such social media groups often ranges from watching horror movies to waking in the middle of the night and self-harming. With these developments, we hope the domination of the Blue-whale game over the youth ends and the arrest finally brings about some positive change. The game has used our thirst for social acceptance to bring horrific results and it needs to shut down.

The deadly game is believed to have led to nearly 100 deaths in the US, China, and other countries.

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