Can You Spot Which Egg Comes From A Healthy Chicken? Here Are Few Tips!

Written By : AIR Staff

Over the years fad foods and diets come and go yet eggs, along with milk and bread, have long been considered among the top basic food staples.


Eggs play a great role in our diet, as they are very powerful source of vitamins and proteins. Therefore, a lot of people eat eggs every morning for breakfast, as it is the best energetic start for the day.

Most of you probably buy your eggs from a supermarket, their colour varies, their size varies, the colour of the shell also varies from the ones that are not organic.

All eggs look the same from the outside and you can’t really figure out the difference between a good one and a bad. They all have a white shell, a yolk and  probably the same or altered nutrition levels. But what’s important is whether they come from healthy chickens or not.

Wondering what makes them so different? Is it possible that we all eat eggs from unhealthy chickens? Have you ever bought an orange egg? Recently, we have “discovered” an egg from healthy chicken. That is totally insane.

So as I was saying, there are some factors to determine if the eggs you are using are healthy or not:

1. The shell thickness and density


If the shell easily cracks with just a small tap or scratch, then its not the one you want. The shell should be firm and you must hear the crisp cracking sound when you break open an egg.

2. Can You Tell Which Of These Yolks Comes From A Chicken That Is Actually Healthy?


On the left is the yolk of an egg produced by a free-range organic chicken, on the right is just the opposite – a store-bought, mass produced egg.

Notice the difference in colour. If you thought that pale yellow yolks or lighter yellow yolks were the ideal eggs, you are absolutely wrong. The orange yolk is the healthiest and the deeper the color, the tastier the egg is. Not just that, but a healthy yolk will be fuller, thicker and rounder in shape and if you come across a very runny, shapeless yolk in your egg, then you probably should just discard it.

It’s not just about the quality of eggs, its about the nutrition too. The joy of eating fresh, healthy eggs for breakfast is unmatchable. So put in that extra effort and feed your family healthy eggs

3. Therefore, you need to know the following facts:

Chickens are not vegetarian. They are more like omnivores. That’s why eggs with “vegetarian” label are suspicious. These eggs don’t come from a healthy chicken.

The eggs from healthy chickens are higher in Omega-3. Moreover, xanthophylls are prevalent in orange yolks and provide bigger nutritional value.

Chickens that eat more insects and eat the right diet produce eggs with darker, as well as thicker yolks. The shelves of these eggs are also thicker and are hard to crack open.

The colour of eggs is influenced by the diet and synthetic formulas, not by the breed. Therefore, you should prefer to buy organic eggs from farmers you know, as the level of healthiness of other eggs is definitely lower.

It’s not just about the quality of eggs, it’s about the nutrition too. The joy of eating fresh, healthy eggs for breakfast is unmatchable. So put in that extra effort and feed your family healthy eggs!

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