[Watch CCTV Footage] Young Girl Molested In Kerala Streets During The Broad Day Light, Video Going Viral!

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

No matter how many critical steps are taken, sexual harassment and molestation are always crucial problems in today’s corporate and other professional sectors. Kicking aside the academics, proper morale is mandatory and many people are actually missing it.

molestation in india

On the other hand, in a way to beat the problem in a better way, Woman empowerment is a must. Despite the various laws and amendments that almost turned out to be favorable in women’s sides, we are utterly unable to gain expected progress.

Another unfortunate incident took place in Kerala’s Kozhikode, that too in the broad daylight. The incident was recorded in the CCTV Footage which later went viral on social media.

Watch the video here:

In the horrific footage, we can see the young girl trying to make it to her place with the heavy bag, and a man is seen walking ahead of her creeping at her time to time. Now, as she tried to overtake him, he simply attacks, pushes her bag down and molests. When the girl moves backward, he advances, hands outstretched. When she is completely down to the ground, he grabs her, just before running away from her.

This video has gone viral on the Internet sparking the issue of women security in the South Indian state. The man was later caught with the help of the CCTV recording as soon as the woman filed a FIR under molestation and abuse.

Sources from the police station also claimed that the convict is now behind bars. However, the cops later confirmed that the man is giving weird answers when asked if he knows about her personally. Further investigation is going on.

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