Govt Grants Rs 5 Discount Per LPG Cylinder For Those Who Book And Pay Online

Saicharan Palakurthi

As a bid to push forward the idea of digital payments govt has been taking various steps in recent days. Now oil companies similarly stepped in. Indian oil refineries supremo LPG stated that Rs 5 discount is given to those who book cylinders and pay online.

One can make payment through various online windows with his credit and debit cards. After filing the details, you can find the discounted amount on the screen. The total bill to be paid minus the discounted 5 rupees and the final amount to be paid. The net discounted amount will also be shown on the cash memo accompanying the home-delivery of the LPG cylinder.

This unique step is taken by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas to encourage the citizens to shift to payment modes through digital platforms to achieve the objective of no-cash or less cash-based transactions. The incentive will encourage more and more LPG consumers to go for cashless mode transactions.

It is believed that this mere incentive will attract more LPG customers towards online payments.

Earlier, in order to let the number of customers, cashless,  the government had appealed to the oil companies to offer 0.75 percent discount on cashless fuelling of petrol and diesel at petrol pumps, it appears like this idea has been extended to cooking gas (LPG).

According to the statistics, currently, a Delhi-based customer has to pay Rs 434.71 for 14.2-kg LPG cylinder. Meanwhile, it costs Rs 585 when the bottle of similar size is not subsidised. However, the purchase limit under subsidised is 12.

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