These 20 Funny Takes On PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi & Akhilesh Yadav About The Assembly Elections Will Leave You Laughing For Hours

Saicharan Palakurthi

On this world of Internet, memes have become the triggers for generating humour. No matter whoever the person can be, a prime minister, chief minister of a president, memes have their sense of attraction and value.

A little bit of political space and a merely happened incident is enough to let us feed on the creation of Internet memes. Earlier, the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former PM Manmohan Singh, the Congress’ lead Rahul Gandhi and even the former American President Barrack Obamas weren’t spared.

And now, the popular people like Akhilesh Yadav has joined the troll scale. The Assembly elections in the North India was the most interesting part of this year, till now.

It must be mentioned that the grand alliance of Samajwadi, Congress has roped in great fear for the BJP party, however Modi single handily managed to bait the elections, and he’s successful. The BJP till now won more than 300 seats in Uttar Pradesh and more than 50 in Uttarakhand. The Congress ended up in the race after mere 70 seats.

Too many memes, too many promises and trolls, the Internet gave us everything out till now, and even continuing this after the elections.

Here You Go! The Best Memes Of The Season: