This Hilarious Cake Delivery Goof-Up By Zomato Is Going Viral For All Right Reasons!

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Time and again, we’ve seen that many conversations with customer care executives turn into hilarious exchanges with wit and humor taking center stage and making a boring, routine conversation into something that goes viral. The latest example of company customer care cells taking a proactive and engaging step is a follow-up to a cake message gaffe that’s the toast of Indian Twitter-verse.

Zomato funny conversation

No doubt, Zomato is one of the popular online food ordering apps and there are many reasons for it. One of those many reasons is they value customer’s time. People who use Zomato App will be informed about the status of their order through regular notifications. Once if the allotted time for delivering the food is over, Zomato asks the user whether they received the order or not.

And if the answer is “No”, they take it quite seriously and contact the restaurant to ask the reason. For the customer’s convenience, Zomato has a dedicated chat option, where the customer care executive chats with the user and informs him/her about the status of the order and the reason behind the late delivery.

Zomato cake

Customers are always on the edge of a meltdown when their demands aren’t met. This often results in frustrated chats with the poor customer care executives who are usually at the receiving end. But there are instances where interactions with the customer care executives turn hilarious, while some go insanely viral on the Internet.

Priya Iyengar, a Mumbai resident, ordered a cake from Zomato, a restaurant search, and discovery service and didn’t leave any sought of a message to be written on the cake. This resulted in bakery ending up writing generic delivery instructions on the cake, “No garlic, food must be spicy.”

Well, it seems so was Iyengar, until she realized that the bakers probably must have taken the generic instructions on her profile as the message and then, well rest is Twitter history. “I ordered bday cake off Zomato.(didn’t specify a message to be added) Bakers took generic instructions in my profile & ran with it, I guess,” she tweeted along with a picture of the cake.

The photo of the cake with the unusual message caught many eyes on the platform as it went viral with over 1500 retweets in no time.

Priya Iyengar said she had ordered from Chef Shan’s Cakes and tweeted out a picture of the cake because she thought it was funny. “Although I did not even tag anyone, Zomato quickly reached out to me, then the bakery, and called me back with an explanation. Then they went the extra (sweet) smile, and sent me a new cake to make up for the earlier one,” she said.

A couple of hours later, she wrote, “so the Zomato team kindly reached out to me with an explanation.. few chuckles were shared and the matter closed.”

As the post went viral, the guys at Zomato took cognizance of the error and responded to Iyengar by sending another delicious cake, but this time with just the right message, “Sorry from Zomato, this cake is not spicy.”

This is not the first time the Zomato India customer care guys have regaled us. There were many occasions when Zomato Customer Care executives won the hearts of customer and others with their well being.

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