This Hilarious Conversation Of Zomato Customer Care Executive With Its User Will Leave You In Splits! Check It Out

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

No doubt, Zomato is one of the popular online food ordering apps and there are many reasons for it. One of those many reasons is they value customer’s time.

People who use Zomato App will be informed about the status of their order through regular notifications. Once if the allotted time for delivering the food is over, Zomato asks the user whether they received the order or not. And if the answer is “No”, they take it quite seriously and contact the restaurant to ask the reason.

Zomato funny conversation

For the customer’s convenience, Zomato has a dedicated chat option, where the customer care executive chats with the user and informs him/her about the status of the order and the reason behind the late delivery.

However, a recent conversation with one such user with customer care executive turned very interesting and in fact got a personal touch. The Zomato’s customer care showed how to make the conversation interesting while you are waiting for your food.

The customer, Krisshna Saraswat shared the amazing conversation he had with a Zomato Customer care on Facebook and added some brownie points in the food app’s kitty. In the conversation, Krisshna received a sad emoticon.

He replied saying, ‘Come on. Am not playing the emoticons game.” The ‘cool’ Zomato customer care convinced the customer to bear with them by dramatically responding, “Nooo, I can’t lose you,” with a definite crying emoticon.

The customer who definitely enjoyed the conversation with Zomato customer care, left a jealousy note mentioning about their competitive company Swiggy, “I won’t lie but that Swiggy girl was drooling over me the other day.”

Much like a jealous girlfriend, Zomato replied, “I hope you didn’t revert back once she was flirting with you.” Zomato further added, “I will add 400 INR Zomato credits in your Zomato wallet,” if he assures that the next relationship will not be with Swiggy.”

Later, the user uploaded screenshots of the conversation on Facebook and guess what? It triggered a laughter riot.

Here’s the conversation posted with screenshots:

Facebook Post.

Dear World,

Behold the most interesting Zomato chat.

This indeed was the best Bot chat/customer support chat I ever had. WAY TO GO ZOMATO, you got some funny wits on the keyboard. Thanks for 400 credits. #zomato. Laughed hard all way through it. Swiggy- Pay heed now.





Well, this is not the first time, last year too one of the Zomato’s conversations went viral where the customer couldn’t reach the restaurant from where he had ordered cigarettes. The customer said, “Yar tu kaise b krke do cigarettes bhijwa de yaar… bhadak ho rhi h”.

The response of Zomato was, “Yar wo nae bhejenge :/ And smoking is injurious to health. It causes cancer.” To which the customer said, “Thanks, Bhai Tune Meri aankhein khol di!!!”

So guys, did you ever come across such conversations with any customer care executives? If yes, please share that with us in the comments section below or email it to

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