Nobody Noticed This Huge Distraction In Sonu Nigam’s Bald Picture That’s Going Viral, Check Out Details

AIR Staff

Since two days, the popular singer Sonu Nigam is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The most favorite singer of the nation is facing flak for his recent Twitter rant against the morning Azaan.

Source: Indian express

It all started when the singer commented on being woken up by the early morning Azaan and went on to rant about how he doesn’t like this ‘forced religiousness’ being imposed on people without their consent.

Even though he spoke against loudspeakers, many people misunderstood him and gave him the “Anti-Muslim” tag. It gave rise to a heated debate on Twitter and many thrashed Sonu for being so insensitive towards religion. On the other hand, there were some section people who supported his views against forced religiousness and tweeted in favor of him.

Things took a ridiculous turn when Muslim cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi issued a fatwa against him and threw an open challenge. He said that whoever shaves off Sonu’s head will get a reward of Rs 10 lakhs.

Well, because Sonu firmly believes in taking challenges, especially the ones which involve bold moves.

Stubborn Nigam didn’t give up here, in response to a Fatwa issued against him, Sonu Nigam shaved off his head in front of the media at a press conference and also asked him to keep Rs 10 lakhs ready. Heights of trolling, LOL!

Seeing the whole drama, the internet got busy making memes as soon as Sonu’s flaunted his new bald look. While we were going through them to make one ourselves, we came across this particular picture.

For a second if you see it, you’ll realize there’s something really wrong with the picture. Well, look at the below picture, you’ll get to know THAT.

While the whole world was stunned with Sonu’s look, there was this one particular dude (We are guessing it’s Aalim Hakim, a renowned hair stylist) who was tripping on something else – A fricking spray bottle.

While it does look like one of those spray bottles used by barbers or maybe say, our beloved disinfectant, Harpic. But after researching and going through a rigorous process that involved typing and google, we found out what the bottle actually is – It’s a perfume.

But that’s not the point here. The point is, how amazing must this man be to give absolute no fucks about the super bald stunt Sonu just pulled off? What was so fascinating about this bottle?

Well, we thought these could be the possible thoughts running in his mind-

1.“Best before aur expiry date mein kya difference hota hai?”

2.“Eau De Toilette parfum. Hmm, I think toilet mein smell nahi aane ke liye hai ye.”

3.“Ye camera mein button kaha hai?”

4.“Woahoo Ganja Ganja.”

Also, a goldmine like this deserves to be converted into memes. So, here you go.

Ignorance is bliss.

Ah, the internet. Never fails to amaze us!

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