Hyderabad: GHMC Begins Its Campaign For ‘Beggar-Free’ City

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) today came up with a major campaign that crucially concentrates on eradicating the beggars across the city. They further added that the ‘mafia’ behind the beggar organization will be completely tackled down.

B Rammohan, Hyderabad mayor inaugurated a vehicle to urge the public not to offer alms to the beggars and that they would be taken care of.

Mayor said that the beggar mafia has become the emerging social menace, and a survey showed that only two per cent of those begging are real beggars.

He said 50 beggars have recently been sent to rehabilitation homes and another 500 would also be taken care of in a phased manner.

He appealed to people for the cooperation and assistance in eradicating the beggar mafia from grass root level, the issue would be dealt in coordination with NGOs and others, he added.

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