This Hyderabadi Guy Revealed The UGLY TRUTH Behind Petrol Bunks By Sharing The Bill On Social Media

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

No matter the fluctuations in the prices of the current day products and other goods, petrol always stands as one of the most important resources to soothe our day to day life. And, sadly, the prices of the fuel is downright throat choking with every passing day.

petrol and diesel price fraud

Amidst the ongoing serious issues, it is this incident that is going viral on the social media. A Hyderabadi youth shared his petrol bill on the personal Facebook account. He revealed the ugly side of the authorities. In his bill, he deliberately explained the whole phenomenon of looting commoners.

In the video one can see his bill in which the quantity of the petrol is stated clearly, ironically, it is 3liters more than the capacity of his vehicle. While his vehicle has a capacity of holding 13 liters of petrol. The petrol bunk person poured in 16 liters (as per the bill) and took the required amount. But, all that stunned him is that his bike isn’t yet full of the quantity he bought that is 3 liters more than the valid requirement.

petrol bunk fraud in hyderabad

Coming to the precise details, it happened on the morning of November 7, this man named David Kumar was cheated by a petrol tank for his two-wheeler at a petrol bunk in Yusufguda. A total of 16.95 liters was poured into his bike’s tank. The bike was Honda Unicorn of 2013 model. The fact is that the tank capacity is just 13 liters. The meter showed up to 16.95 liters. Yet the tank is not full. David shocked the bill and meter reading and posted the photos on Facebook.

In a bid to take a certain action against the fraud, he shared the information on social media. This post has already drawn enough attention from the authorities, it garnered over 9000 shares.

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