[WATCH VIDEO] Shame! Hyderabadi Cops Catch 30 Molesters During Ganpati Visarjan Event

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

No matter how many critical steps are taken, sexual harassment and molestation are always crucial problems in today’s day-to-day lives of us. These incidents take place in corporate sectors more often, but this time, the unfortunate and immoral things that happened during the Ganpati Visarjan in Hyderabad are quite alarming and serious actions must be taken against these things.

molestation in hyd ganpati visarjan event video

It is believed that over 30 molesters are caught through the video tapes. Kicking aside the academics, proper morale is mandatory and many people are actually missing it.

To beat the problem in a better way, Woman empowerment is a must. Despite the various laws and amendments that almost turned out to be favorable in women’s sides, we are utterly unable to gain expected progress.

On one side, Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of integrity, culture, and ethics, and there’s this dark and gloomy side where people with grim faces desperately try to get their hands on a woman, girl-children and what not! It seems that the society is sick.

molestation in hyd ganpati visarjan


The CCTV footages and photographs of the celebrations are interpreted and the incidents left people shocked. These creeps didn’t even spare the little girls. The way they did these things will fume you with anger and helplessness. No matter what it is, these perverts should be taught some serious lessons.

Sources from a prominent media unit state that the video was recorded by SHE TEAM, a women protection wing of the Hyderabad city police, on duty who caught the molester red-handed and nabbed him blue and black instantly.

To our disappointment, there are over 30 people caught involving in molestation, the video evidence is submitted by the SHE TEAM and is drawing some serious actions all as soon as possible.

Watch the video uploaded by Times Now:

Swati Lakra, an IPS officer from Hyderabad has shared the news on her official Twitter handle, she quoted it,” SHE TEAMS Hyderabad caught 30 persons during Ganesh procession harassing women, with video evidence.

Watch the full video uploaded on the official page of ‘SHE TEAM’ here:

The evidence is now submitted to the court and serious action will be taken on these people very soon, added the authorities.

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